What’s the best way to manage retirement funds?

The superannuation environment is a very competitive industry. Understanding the best vehicle to manage your retirement capital can be complex and confusing.

Please take some time to view our brief video that outlines two of our preferred Superannuation vehicles.

Both Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) andLow Cost Funds offer significant retirement planning benefits, and Evolution Financial Planning are specialists in maximising benefits in retirement.

They both offer differing options and based upon your investment personalities, each has benefits you may require.

Considering the immense growth in SMSF’s though, it may also be a good time to see if the extra work and compliance suits you, especially as you get older.

As always, we appreciate the advocacy of our clients. Please feel free to share this video with friends and family as they may be researching Retirement Planning options and they may require our assistance.

photo credit: NickiMM via photopin cc