How to poach the perfect egg

I have been trying for years to poach the perfect egg. Don't get me wrong, nobody does an Eggs Benedict better than Sirocco in Ballina, but to be able to cook a couple of poached eggs on toast on a Sunday morning has always eluded me.

I have tried the vortex by swirling the water in a circle as well as using white vinegar in the water. I have tried boiling water as well as "champagne bubbles" which is just boiling the water. Every time I cooked poached eggs, the whites would get all wispy and then there would be egg white foam rising to the top of the pot. They would be hard, overcooked and look like two lumps of something on toast.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I decided to have another crack at making poached eggs. Instead of Googling and re-hashing old themes, I went to YouTube, the video phenomenon that houses billions of hours of content and covers practically every topic currently known to humanity. Upon reviewing the options for "how to cook a perfect poached egg", I was met with a multitude of options. As I had recently viewed an episode of Heston Blumenthal's weird show where he cooks up offal and other delectable items from different eras, I decided that he must have an idea on how to cook an egg.

It took me 3 minutes to view his video and straight away I was motivated enough to have a go myself. The result: Perfect Poached Eggs. Runny, the way I like them, in a great egg shape, with NO wispy strands and they looked immaculate on my multi grain bread. A bit of Worcestershire sauce and here was my match made in heaven.

This got me thinking as to why it had taken me so long to get these results?

The use of video is becoming so "mainstream" now as my eldest daughter would say. It is so much easier to understand video content because it is fast and informative. The days of reading vast tracts of text will soon be over. Consumers want outcomes and they want them fast.

At Evolution Financial Planning, we are slowly building our library of video content. We currently have videos on our "Now Sorted" estate planning service as well as the introduction of Fee Disclosure Statements. These will all be built into our ongoing blog or in our FAQ section. Having this content available to our clients will provide you with education and information. Hopefully this will build a level of confidence in the fact that we know what we are doing.

If there are any topics that you would like us to cover, please feel free to reply by email or in the comments on our blog and let us know. We will soon be providing a video in regards to Investor Online and how to access your account details online.

By the way, if you are interested, watch the video below so that you can also cook a perfect poached egg. Please take a picture and email back to us and the winning entry will be posted on our Facebook page.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc