The greatest gift of being a Financial Planner

I received an introduction last week from a long term client. This is fortunately a recurring event in our business. We are fortunate enough to have clients who have listened to our advice, taken action, persevered with market noise and have been patient enough to see the best outcomes. These relationships have been forged in tough times and celebrated in the good times. We never take these client introductions for granted and we really appreciate the advocacy of our clients.

This client introduction though was different.   

This couple with a young family needed some assistance and guidance around completing the paperwork for a terminal illness claim. This is the payment of a life insurance policy prior to death when the medical specialists believe that their is no medical procedure that can help with the patients prognosis. This is a daunting reality and one for which I don't believe that as a Financial Planner that you are ever ready for. I can only hope that I don't say something stupid and that I can offer reassurance and certainty in this difficult time. 

I can only listen and offer guidance around completing this important paperwork. A properly completed form equates to bills paid, groceries and school fees covered and an opportunity to access alternative methods to fight cancer.

The plight of a cancer sufferer may seem hopeless but the fight that I saw in this family showed a resolve that is captured in adversity. I mean real adversity. Not a market fluctuation where your capital drops by 20% or changes to legislation which means you may have to pay some tax. The realisation that nobody believes you can survive a terminal illness. 

This couple has given me the authority to deal with this claim on their behalf. They trust our firm to take the stress away and to make the payment of these funds as seamless as possible. Besides, they have so many other things to worry about. 

The evolution of client financial stages includes our eventual demise. Our morbidity is a subject that we don't generally want to discuss. We implement insurance policies in the hope that our clients never use them. At times like this when the inevitable occurs, there is no greater gift to a Financial Planner than to assist families access money when they need it most. 

This fight is not over and our firm will do everything it can to assist this family.