Get your estate planning sorted

Managing all the information and multiple documents relating to your life and family estate is complex and confusing for anyone not directly involved every day.

It’s probably true that one person in the family "knows, roughly, where everything is". However, a major problem arises when that person is no longer around to tell loved ones when it matters most.

The Now Sorted! service fixes all that by managing information simply, easily and efficiently.

The major benefits of Now Sorted! are that you and your loved ones will always have available:

  • all the right information anytime, anywhere;
  • peace of mind knowing it's all been taken care of.

You will receive:

Your Essential Facts Package

An easy-to-read summary (PDF and/or hard copy) of your family information and documents: where they all are, who owns what, the values of all assets and liabilities, superannuation, insurances, personal guarantees, cash-flow items, all your important numbers as well as the contact details of the important people in your life. Knowing this is all sorted (and easily updated) is invaluable for you and your loved ones.

All key documents electronically copied and linked to your report

If you mislay your passport while overseas, or can't find a key document, just press a button and duplicates are immediately available to save you lots of time, money and energy. Brilliant!

Storage of everything on your favourite device

Use your favourite storage app on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or any modern device, and have everything with you whenever you need it.

All the right information anytime, anywhere. Now Sorted! puts you in control of all your important information and documents. That not only benefits also brings peace of mind to those you love.

photo credit: horrigans via photopin cc