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You might have heard about In and Out Burgers in the U.S.A. I personally have never been there but I follow a financial planner -  Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents who is absolutely in love with this burger place which he believes is better than McDonalds.

Part of their allure is that they have a simple menu, so unlike McDonalds that has huge options, they have 3 burger options and that's it. Double Double, Cheeseburger and a Hamburger. That's it.

But, they have a secret menu that not everybody knows about and you have to be in the know to buy these. You can see from the link that it is still kept simple and provides some additional choices for those that are a bit fussier.

Whilst we don't have a secret menu, we do have a hidden page that highlights what the path to retirement and beyond can look like. 

What does retirement look like you say?

Well retirement means many things to different people. We have set up a page on our site that we would like our clients especially to upload their pic's of them on their travels to and after retirement.

Travel to many of our clients is freedom. The choice to not have to work and to buy tickets for plane flights and accommodation and to visit destinations of interest. It can be a villa in the south of France, a train trip to Moscow or it can even be camping under the stars in the middle of Australia. It can also be your path to retirement because not all travel has to happen after retirement.


Of course, when you are travelling you will need a Trucker Cap to get you sorted. This is our offering to make sure you are protected from the elements in your retirement travels.

I have thrown some photos up to get us started on the Trucker Cap Travels.

Please click the button below  to view our secret page and let us know if you would like a stylish cap to take on your retirement journey.