Apps to keep you safe and looking good

Emergency +

Emergency+ App

So if you are like me, one would assume with technology as advanced as it is, that if you dial triple zero, the operator will know exactly where you are calling from right? Wrong! 

This app not only establishes your precise location with GPS functionality and gives you the longitude and latitude numbers to give to the operator, it also gives you a map and all of the numbers to call such as Triple Zero, SES, Police Assistance and Crime Stoppers. If you are out of wifi range, the GPS functionality will still allow you to make an emergency call. 

No matter where you are, outback or in a new city, being able to tell an operator exactly where you are, could make all the difference. A must have app indeed.


Make Up Genius – by Loreal USA

Makeup genius

This app only reached our shores a matter of weeks ago and has some groundbreaking technology for mobile phones and the retail world.  

Quite simply, the app will scan your face and you then get to "try" the products on "you" without any hassle, inconvenience or commitment. 

The style you choose will move with your face and you can save the looks you wish to purchase or consider. Word is, the realism of this app is amazing!