A common sense approach to financial freedom

In case you didn't know, I am a massive fan of Twitter. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is simple and effective. I can obtain information and communicate with all types of people without getting their permission and I can get most of my news from there. It really is a fascinating concept.

Below is a copy of a recent tweet I made.

Over 25 years ago a good friend of mine lent me a book on personal finance. I was working at Westpac at the time as a bank officer and he thought I could benefit from its content.

The author was Noel Whittaker and he has gone on to be a best-selling personal finance author in Australia. He writes for newspapers and he has also owned his own financial planning business.

By the way, Noel also started his working career at Westpac, so I am a big fan of the work that Noel has done and continues to do.

Noel Whittaker book giveaway tweet

I am such a fan, that I recently purchased 60 of his current titles. Now I am not going to read all of them, but will keep a book for each of my daughters.

When I read Noel's book 25 years ago, it was the stimulus for me to:

  1. Start a budget
  2. Save for a trip to Bali
  3. Consider ways to improve my income and generate greater purpose in my career
  4. Look to invest for the long term
  5. Protect everything that was important to me

I started my own campaign for financial freedom based upon the common sense approach that Noel advises. It is these simple but effective concepts that we recommend to our clients.

  • Don’t spend more than you earn
  • Use good debt and minimise bad debt
  • Understand what you are investing in
  • Obtain suitable levels of personal protection

By having a plan to achieve your financial goals, the implementation should be so much easier because you have a reason to make smart decisions.

To get you motivated, I want you to think about the most important financial goal that you want to achieve.

Is it a comfortable retirement? Is it feeling secure that your family will be looked after if you pass away? Is it making sure you have enough funds to send your children to the best schools?

Once you understand your most important goal, please reply in the comments. We will be monitoring the answers and endeavour to make sure that your goals are achieved.

The first 5 best replies judged by our staff will receive a complimentary copy of one of Noel Whittaker's books.

You need to understand that there is no firm more dedicated than Evolution Financial Planning in seeing you achieve your financial goals.

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