The 5 Great Goals of Life.

So following on from my 2 bobs worth last week where I tried to provide a distinction between Financial Planning and Life Coaching, this week I want to reflect on my experiences and explain how I work with my clients by focussing on less. Yes, that’s right. I have taken a road whereby I try to be inch wide and mile deep in regards to how I work with Financial Planning clients.

We are an Independent Firm!

You don't know how good it feels to be able to write this heading. It's really important to understand that you have to be careful calling yourself an independent Financial Planner in the current environment. There is so much that needs to be done and ticked off before you can call yourself this term. The fallout from ASIC is immense if you have not got all your ducks in a row. Let me explain what this means to us and to our current and prospective clients.

Defer your taxes and save for a rainy day.

Farm Management Deposits are a risk-management tool to help primary producers deal with uneven cash flows. Uneven income is common in primary production businesses because of things such as natural disasters, climate and market variability. The FMD scheme allows primary producers to set aside pre-tax income from primary production in years of good cash flow to draw on in years of lesser cash flow.

Check out our secret menu.

You might have heard about In and Out Burgers in the U.S.A. I personally have never been there but I follow a financial planner - Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents who is absolutely in love with this burger place which he believes is better than McDonalds.

Part of their allure is that they have a simple menu, so unlike McDonalds that has huge options, they have 3 burger options and that's it. Double Double, Cheeseburger and a Hamburger. That's it.